Now page is a place to tell you about the things I focus on right now, in no particular order. I’ll try to keep this up to date best I can. Inspired by the Derek Sivers’ now page project.

  • Working at Dude as a founder and CTO with customers first approach. My daily tasks consist of looking after our amazing people in the web development team. In that area my main focus is WordPress, front end (advanced SCSS/CSS mostly), accessibility testing, UI testing, servers and sysop stuff (we host everything ourselves). On top of that there’s the regular entrepreneurial shit I do with passion. We aim at natural growth so I’m also doing sales and marketing.
  • I’m passionate about accessibility, inclusivity, open source, mental health, CSS, SCSS, typography, command line, servers and other geeky stuff.
  • Openso(u)rcerer, founder-developer of the popular Air-light WordPress theme. Check out the company GitHub and my personal GitHub profile, they are always up to date.
  • Writing daily, journal in Finnish, see my Logbook.
  • Blogging at least once a month. On top of this web development focused blog in English (rarely updated, sorry), I have a couple of other blogs in Finnish.
  • Born and raised in Jyväskylä, Finland. Read about me in Finnish here. Currently living in Jyväskylä downtown with my 9-year-old son, 13-year-old daughter, 30-something wife (age is just a number “😄”). It’s nice here in the Finnish lakeland district, see for yourself.
  • Coding CSS/HTML/JS or using command line on (almost) on daily basis. Sometimes experimenting with JavaScript frameworks and Python and whatever I get excited about.
  • I like running and walking. 👟 Started a habit of working out 4-6 times or 30 km per week on June 26th, 2021. See more on my Strava Athlete profile.
  • I love movies. Redesigned my movie blog on September 2021. Over 3000 movies reviewed and counting. I also rate on IMDb and Trakt.
  • Socially active on IRC and Mastodon. Using Mastodon as my main social media service. Hosting my own Mastodon server, too. Occasionally instagramming. I don’t use Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp. I rarely use other social medias, sometimes LinkedIn if I’m forced to. I have a hunch 50% of my posts are in Finnish and the rest in English. It varies. On Mastodon it’s been like 80% English and 20% Finnish (2023).
  • Playing Overwatch as Qllervo. I try to play almost every day to get my mind off of the things that easily stress me out.
  • Reading daily, from 50 to 100 books per year. Currently reading mostly non-fiction. Occasional progress updates at Goodreads.
  • Producing dreamy synthwave music. It’s on-off depending how much free time I have but definitely not a dead project. Check out Streetgazer at SoundCloud or Spotify.
  • Contributing in WordPress community somehow on weekly basis, check out my profile. Organizing WordPress Jyväskylä Meetups. Because of COVID-19 the community activity is nonexistent in my little town called Jyväskylä.
  • I want to write a book. I have couple of non-fiction book ideas, one draft has 300 pages. No time and no publisher so this project is in ice for now.

  • Updated 26. March, 2023