The web world of mine, shattered

Who am I? What do I do? It’s all over the place!

I have five blogs now. I used to have even more than that. It was much simpler back in the days when I only had one site with all the stuff. Nowadays I have separate niches for many things. Way too many. I have been thinking more about my readers than myself.

Too many times I just create a blog and then leave it. This has a nasty side effect, almost every side project or blog I have have turned dead. I may occasionally write or update something but rather focus on work or something else than increase my anxiety by looking at the things I once liked to create but loathe upon today. The things I lived for during my past time.

Well, lack of energy may come from something else than just having too many websites. I should look into recovering from January, when my dear father passed away. I should focus on my kids and my general well being instead of worrying about some sites. Yet I yearn for creating something here at as well, even though my inspiration and motivation is half-gone.

For this reason I decided to form a Now-page. I like to focus on the present and not to stay in the past or in the future in too long inside my chaotic little head.

Maybe we’ll see something here as well. Before the end of year 2019, that is.

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