Professional blog reborn


As much as I love HTML and CSS, it’s pain in the ass to release posts FAST and on the go. The older I am the more I start to doubt myself and the more I doubt myself less I post. I have decided to leave all my insecurities behind me and start professional blogging in English. This is why I have moved on from static methods to WordPress. After all I do WordPress for living and writing should be most convenient thing to do. Writing a blog comes naturally to me but I don’t want to over-complicate the process by having to worry about Markdown or HTML when formatting my text. In WordPress I feel like home and only thing I need to focus on is producing content. Bygones be bygones I salute WordPress once again here on!

Fancy dark theme, eh?

Rewriting took 8 hours. Practically didn’t sleep, eat or drink. That’s the bad side of my perfectionism.

So I love typing. I love coding. I create all things web every day. Sometimes even on Sundays. It’s all open on my GitHub profile. The problem is, I do this mostly alone. I don’t collaborate with people abroad. We have a small Finnish community and during COVID-19 I have isolated myself both physically and mentally. Somehow it’s hard for me to share things with other people online. I do post on Twitter but it’s mostly my fun place with Finnish online tweeps and culture and less about professional front end design in English.

9 hrs 18 mins over the Last 7 Days in rolledesign repository under all branches.

It has always been hard for me to engage online as a bilingual person. Do I write in Finnish to our small community on Twitter or do I use my Reddit in English? It has been very hard to combine these two despite the fact the Finnish people are quite fluent with English language. I do lots of pull requests on GitHub though but they are left as one-offs and never see daylight elsewhere. This is what I want to improve via this blog right here. I want to be more open about my projects and my daily work online. When I post stuff on our company slack to my colleaques why not as well publish some of those CSS gems here on

I recently got landing page done (coded it in less than 5 hours on one sitting, something to brag about haha, was kinda hungry after that because ate only soup for lunch that day) and I have lots to say about CSS, UI design and web design. Consider this place as my “professional blog”. As I stated my earlier blog post “The web world of mine, shattered” I have all kinds of social media accounts and websites, I even have a Medium account. But those are mostly free time ramblings, I want to blog about things I have learned. I want to start discussions. I want to be that pro person and grow my self-esteem. I hope this gives it all a nudge.

Welcome. Again. Glad you are reading this. I hope to keep this alive this time when it’s all dynamic. Static things can sometimes be unintentionally crippling.

Oh, and btw, the source code of this blog is available on GitHub, here you go.

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